1. Apr 15 2013

    "Rap Quotes" Street Art Project by Jay Shells 

    In this ongoing street art project known simply as “Rap Quotes,” Jay Shells created official looking street signs which quote some notable street mentions from some of the most prolific Hip Hop MC’s of all time. He then travels all up, & down New York City installing these signs at the specific street, & or location that was mention in the records he quoted. Talk about being a Hip Hop Head. Nonetheless this art is simple, yet stands as a very necessary addition to Hip Hop history! 

    On another note. The closest street mention to where I live is Mos Def’s quote, Where he says “I’m blacker than midnight on Myrtle, & Broadway.” Which is literally smack dapped in the middle of my hood. It’s actually a couple of blocks from my crib too. feels cool to share history with some of the greats!

     photo 336a6fbc9e_zpsb8bb33c0-1_zps47deb747-1_zps2b028784.png photo 336a6fbc9e_zpsb8bb33c0-1_zps47deb747.png
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