1. May 27 2013

    Keith Harring - Crack is Wack

     Keith Haring has always been a top visual pioneer in my long book of visual masters. Knowing this my girlfriend decided to take me to see the “Crack is Wack” Mural located in the Harlem River Drive park. What a spectacle it was to be staring this centerfold dead in the face ; You get a real sense of Haring’s passion for his craft. For those of you outside of the know, here’s a little history on the significance of this mural.

      In 1986 Keith Haring Painted on the northern face of the handball court wall of the Harlem River Drive Park. The mural is composed of Haring’s well known kinetic figures and abstract forms culminated with the use of bold outlines. “Crack is a highly potent, addictive, and dangerous form of smokable cocaine whose use reached epidemic proportions in the mid- to late 1980s.  Haring’s mural cautions youth against the drug’s use.”

    Photo Cred To Me!

     photo 336a6fbc9e_zpsb8bb33c0-1_zps47deb747-1_zps2b028784.png photo 336a6fbc9e_zpsb8bb33c0-1_zps47deb747.png
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